Welcome to Victory Pig Pizza.

As of 1/7/13, we are officially launching our national shipping enterprise. This site now features a convenient, user-friendly shopping cart that allows customers to place orders for Victory Pig Pizza to be shipped directly to their doorstep anywhere in the continental United States.

Online orders for pizza must be purchased in trays of 12 slices each. Every tray is freshly baked in our ovens and specifically prepared for shipment directly to your home. There is no limit to how many trays a customer may order but there is a minimum of one tray per order.

Packaging Details: For every tray, each slice is individually hand-wrapped in frozen foil. The slices are then placed in freezer-safe clay chip-board boxes of 6 slices each, conveniently designed for easy shipping and storage. Every boxed is meticulously sealed using freezer tape and wrapped in clear packaging film to lock in freshness.

Pizza is prepared for you to immediately freeze whatever you do not eat on the arrival date.

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Original Victory Pig Pizza recipe includes Onions, if you would like without onions please let us know on the product page before placing your order.